Best Local Places To Eat In Morgantown, West Virginia


Best Local Places To Eat In Morgantown, West Virginia

Breakfast – Tudor’s Biscuit World

Located just a few blocks to the East of campus and north of Highway 705, Tudor’s Biscuit World is a down-home breakfast spot that will have you dreaming about their fluffy and buttery biscuits and their perfectly-cooked potatoes years into the future. This is a place that does breakfast right, serving up large and hearty portions on oval dishes with high ridges built to collect syrup, melted butter and the gravy that goes on top of their delicious biscuits when they are ceremoniously split in two. Everything about this place is welcoming, and those who often begin the day with a large appetite will be well taken care of.

Lunch – The Glasshouse Grille

This posh, high-end establishment welcomes every visitor to Morgantown with open arms, serving up five-star cuisine for three-star prices. Located just steps to the north banks of the Monongahela River, it attracts Mountaineer football fans with a medium-sized menu blending rustic and modern favorites. Some patrons might not make it past the appetizer list, where calamari, bruschetta and a variety of cheeses tempt the hungry. The French classic escargot is also served up on a daily basis, creating an exotic opportunity in a small town. A variety of Italian-influenced dishes are available as main entrées, and folks who enjoy scallops should taste the seared Mornay version of the dish, presented with caviar sautéed greens and exquisite potatoes.

Dinner – Pizza Al’s

In a perfect world, every city and township in all of North America would have a Pizza Al’s. This place took over for an establishment that wove itself into the very culture of Morgantown over the last few decades, and they have taken the torch with pride. Pizza Al’s is the classic pizzeria, complete with simple chairs and tables, a slew of ovens tuned to the exact temperature and a throng of hungry patrons that often extends outside of the door during game day. The establishment makes and serves up pizza as if their reputation is on the line with every single pie. People interested in counting calories might not be comfortable in this place, but those interested in rewarding themselves with the delicious taste of a variety of heated meets and melted cheeses are invited to check out what this location has to offer. Even though their popularity has steadily increased, their prices have remained low, and a large handmade pizza begins at less than $10.

Dessert – The Cupcakerie

This establishment was founded by two West Virginia University graduates just a few years ago, and it has already gained local and statewide recognition. The place touts itself as the first and only exclusive cupcake bakery in the city, and it has set a standard that will make it quite difficult for anyone else to enter the exclusive realm. What the two ladies are serving up on a daily basis is nothing short of artistic, and the wide variety of tastes and ingredients that can be found in any cupcake are impressive. The focus at this establishment is on delicious desserts, but a steady flow of traffic morning, noon and night is a clear indication that their offerings can be happily consumed whenever, wherever. The truth is that any time of day is a good time to enjoy a cupcake, especially one with a name such as Read Carpet Read Velvet or Chocolatey Caramel Kisses. These are but two of the nearly 100 uniquely constructed and named cupcakes available for sale on any given day. Amazingly, this place is willing to deliver delicious cupcakes to local businesses, hotels and residences during all operational hours

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